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Journey Financial Planning offers numerous  seminars and workshops to fit your financial education needs. These are education services – not sales seminars. Attendees will appreciate that we do not sell products or have a hidden agenda. Standing alone or coupled with Real Time Planning we can deliver a meaningful, highly appreciated benefit at a minimal cost.

Each of our seminars are comprehensive. In addition all of our seminars include a course workbook and all other necessary materials. Following the seminar, each registrant is entitled to a free 30 minute personal consultation by appointment for answers to specific questions.
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Biblical Financial Stewardship Series

Developing a culture of stewardship in your church is paramount to a healthy congregation. If you have an interest in having any of these programs presented at your church or organization, please contact Journey Financial Planning & Tax Services, LLC.

This powerful financial series has been taught for 14 years by Ms. Yolanda Robinson and  is held at your church,  and will help your people unlock the biblical keys to a powerful Christian mindset. It covers stewardship from cradle to grave, covering these main topics:

  • Foundational & Economic Update
  • Giving
  • Debt
  • Wealth
  • Estate Planning
  • Investing
  • Cultural Stewardship

Inquire via email or fill out our contact form.  This workshop is held April-November yearly throughout all 50 States. Book this enlightening financial session for your congregation today!

Community Economic & Financial  Literacy Webinars!

That’s is the power behind these Community Financial Workshops; Journey Financial Planning offers over 50 webinars per year to empower your financial journey.

Each Month there are a variety of  financial topics discussed-within the community or via live webinar! Follow us on Facebook for details!

Building Your Financial Foundation including Road to Retirement Program!

The global economy grows increasingly complex.  Come join Ms. Yolanda Robinson a financial expert as she provides you with the foundation necessary  to make thoughtful and responsible decisions about spending, saving, borrowing, and investing. Economic literacy is an essential life skill.   Journey Financial Planning program “Building Your Financial Foundation and the Road to Retirement Series will empower you to handle your money like a “expert” from a position of knowledge, confidence and financial clarity. This program can be signed up within Journey Financial  & Economic  Online Education Center! Each participant will have the opportunity to meet with the Ms. Yolanda Robinson once per week virtually by appointment for a Q & A session.

Women Entrepreneurship  Webinar & Seminar Program

Women are the largest emerging market in the world. Journey’s Financial Planning entrepreneurship program will help you stimulate your economic potential by tapping into your personal entrepreneurship spirit. Ms. Yolanda Robinson will outline the steps to take along the entrepreneurship journey. Come join us as many topics will be explored to help you develop a successful business!

This Women Entrepreneurship program is offered February-June Annually. (10 Saturday Sessions)

Women  Wealth Building Strategies

Lack of assets is the single greatest threat to a woman’s financial well-being. Accumulating assets and growing in financial education not only provide women and girls with greater life options, but a clearer pathway to independence.  Journey’s Financial Planning “Wealth” building strategy program will educate women about ways to build assets and navigate the financial and world market structures. Practical solutions provided for women to build and maintain wealth for a lifetime! (Women Wealth Building Strategy includes Financial Coaching)

These strategies will give you the freedom to  reach your personal goals, aspirations and dreams while maintaining financial peace.

All financial workshops are held monthly at Journey Financial Planning Location, Live Webinar or at different organizations throughout New York State!

Participants are given a discount for all financial planning services!

Please contact Ms. Yolanda Robinson to host a seminar or  event today at your location!

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