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Journey Financial Planning & Tax Services, LLC.

Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Advisory and Tax Preparation Services.

Our Firm:

Journey Financial Planning & Tax Services, LLC is a value based Financial Planning & Registered Investment Advisory firm which integrates faith and practice for Kingdom impact. We believe in providing meaningful eternally focused financial counsel to all of our clients. We do not sell investments or financial products. We provide value based fiduciary advice and make specific recommendations based solely on your needs, circumstances and goals.

Journey Financial Planning Services, LLC has been providing services throughout New York State since 2003. We are physically based in Rochester, New York. However we provide virtual services throughout all of New York State upon clients request.  We can work seamlessly and efficient regardless of where you are throughout New York State.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how our approach and experience can help you make your financial goals a reality.

Journey Financial Planning believes now as we believed 15 years ago, that providing clients with the piece of mind that their best interests are being considered 100% of the time is, and must remain, our top and unwavering business principle. To this end, Journey Financial Planning is a fee-based, independent financial advisory firm providing professional guidance for our clients in all areas of personal and business finance.

Long term financial success does not happen by accident nor will it happen on its own. It requires customized planning and frequent review that only comes from the services of a competent and unconflicted advisory firm.  Please  contact us to schedule a free, no obligation introductory consultation. We look forward to serving you in this capacity!

Our Commitment:

To provide our clients with personalized, value-added wealth management in a manner that focuses on each client unique financial objectives.

Our Motto:

Financial Planning is the allocation of limited financial resources to unlimited alternatives and is applicable to any one at any income or net worth level as all resources are ultimately limited.

Our Approach:

To obtain a clear understanding of each individual client’s financial situation, develop and agree upon each client’s long-term financial goals, create and implement a financial plan that is focused on accomplishing those goals, providing on-going monitoring of the plan, and to recommend changes as needed to ensure the plan continues to stay focused on the client’s goals. This approach requires that we develop a hands-on partnership with each client.