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Journey Financial Planning & Tax Services, LLC checklist and forms

In order to ensure that your tax preparation and financial planning experience is efficient and seamless, Yolanda has designed the following checklists and forms for you to complete prior to your appointment. By reviewing and completing these forms, you will be well-prepared for your visit with Yolanda. Please note that not every checklist and form below is appropriate for every client – if necessary, please feel comfortable to ask Yolanda which documents are right for you.

Tax Preparation Resources

Engagement Letter for Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Checklist (General)

Tax Preparation Checklist (for in-home day care owners)

Schedule C Checklist (for self-employed individuals)

Schedule E Checklist (for rental property owners)

Schedule F Checklist (for farmers)

Financial Planning Resources

Statement of Financial Position form

Cash Flow Analysis/Budgeting form

Disclosures & Security

Form ADV Brochure

Security Policies and Procedures

Secure File Pro

Yolanda offers Secure File Pro to all of her clients. Secure File Pro provides a secure client file exchange between Journey Financial Planning & Tax Services and you (more secure than email). Once Yolanda has created an account for you, you may log into this secure site and upload documents necessary for Yolanda to prepare your tax returns and/or financial plan. You can also download any and all tax returns and documents that Yolanda has prepared and filed for you at any time and from anywhere you have Internet access. No need for you to wait for your tax return to be mailed to you. No more misplacing or even losing your tax return.

To request an account, contact Yolanda.

Financial Confidence

Yolanda wants you to be in control of your own financial life, and wants to help you reach your financial goals. Yolanda believes that one of the keys to financial confidence is education, and with this in mind, encourages her clients to become familiar with the basics of taxes and personal finance. Please see the links below to help you deepen your financial knowledge base. – Personal Finance Advice and Business Forecasts – Home of Fortune Magazine and Money Magazine – Personal Finance Personality Emphasizing Debt Elimination – Home of the US Internal Revenue Service

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